Living in Van Nuys, California


Van Nuys is a thriving, high-density, neighborhood located in the San Fernando Valley. It is a vibrant and diverse commercial area with a large variety of housing choices. It is also a popular destination for shopping, dining and recreation. This centrally-located Los Angeles suburb is a convenient place to begin living in Southern California.

A city with a strong sense of history, Van Nuys is known for its original Spanish mission architecture. It is home to several historic landmarks, such as the Van Nuys Woman’s Club, the Art Deco Valley Municipal Building and the Van Nuys Branch Library. The neighborhood is bordered by Northridge, Sherman Oaks and Lake Balboa. It is part of the San Fernando Valley and is a short distance from the Los Angeles Airport, as well as the Hollywood Burbank Airport.

In addition to its diverse residential neighborhoods, the region is a major center for employment. The city offers a variety of jobs in the food industry, as well as in the retail and hospitality sectors. It is also close to numerous major highways, making it easy to access Los Angeles. The area is also located less than 20 miles from the popular Downtown LA, and is just a few minutes from Hollywood.

The Van Nuys area is home to many popular attractions, such as Griffith Park. The park has a variety of open spaces, including a network of well-marked paths. The park is situated near the Griffith Observatory, and it features panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the Hollywood Sign. The entrance to the park is just a few minutes from the city of Van Nuys.

The Van Nuys Airport is the 25th busiest airport in the United States. The airport is linked to LAX buses and can be easily reached by public transportation. The airport is located on 163 acres, and its runways were used for training P-38 Lightning pilots in the early decades of the twentieth century. The airport was purchased by the US War Department during World War II and returned to civilian aviation use in 1949. A terminal for the Van Nuys FlyAway Bus service is located at the airport. The airport is also one of the busiest in the country, with over 200 aircraft landing or taking off there each day.

The city of Van Nuys is located in the middle of the San Fernando Valley, and it serves as a satellite civic center for the City of Los Angeles. There are numerous restaurants, shopping centers, and other retail venues in the area, and a number of schools. There are also two Target stores in the area, as well as two Asian supermarkets.

In the year 2000, the population of Van Nuys was 103,770. The median age of residents was 28. The percent of households earning under $40k was among the highest in the county. The percentage of people in the age group 10 and under was also among the highest.

The Neighborhood of Van Nuys

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