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There are a lot of reasons that you might need to call an ac repair service technician for your air conditioning. Maybe your unit has been making a lot more noise than you’re used to. Or maybe your ac has stopped working during a heatwave. A fast and effective repair not only guarantees that your AC unit will be at top performance levels, but that you can avoid further damages to your unit. Contacting a professional who offers an Air Condition Repair Los Angeles can prolong your AC’s lifespan and save you some money.

At Highway HVAC Services & Remodeling Group, we are a full-service heating and cooling company offering HVAC Repair Los Angeles Services to customers across the communities we serve. Many customers trust our residential AC repair service for many reasons, including top-level professionalism, attention to detail, clear and competitive pricing, and much more.

We know that local Air Condition Repair Los Angeles has an impact on your comfort, AC unit performance, and lifespan. We, therefore, make sure that you’re getting only the best services by hiring the best technicians for the job. Our AC technicians have years of experience and are certified to repair any type of AC unit, whether yours is a central AC system, a ductless mini-split AC unit, a window air conditioning unit, or others.

Our Air Condition Repair Los Angeles Contractors are also familiar with the common and uncommon AC brands in the market, thus guaranteeing that you are in good hands. Solve all your AC problems today by calling us! 

Common AC Problems Los Angeles Can Fix

Some AC problems are unpredictable; others are due to average wear or neglect of a previous problem. Whether your air conditioning breaks down in the middle of summer, leaving you in need of emergency ac repair, or your system simply needs a checkup, you can trust us to do the job perfectly.

Our HVAC Repair Los Angeles technicians have what it takes to address common and uncommon air conditioning problems like: 


AC Not Cooling Properly

The number one job of your air conditioning unit is to keep you cool. If your unit isn’t serving its primary function, you need major air conditioning repair. Our technicians can help you to diagnose common air conditioner problems in order to help you find the most affordable HVAC repair Los Angeles or replacement options for your home or commercial property.

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Dirty Filters

Part of what your air conditioning system does is to filter out bad air particles like lint, dust, and dander. In this way, your ac is actually helping to improve your indoor air quality as well as keeping your home cool. When your ac unit air filters are not cleaned or replaced as often as they should be, it could impact the cooling performance of your air conditioner. Dirty air filters can lead to higher energy consumption, poor indoor air quality, frozen evaporator coils, and clogs that can lead to ac repairs.


Low or Old Refrigerant

Refrigerants aren’t something that you want to tamper with. They are important to your AC’s cooling process, but they are also chemicals that can be hazardous to you and your home. Your air conditioning unit may fail to cool properly when refrigerants become low or when they have aged too extensively. Our technicians will evaluate your AC refrigerant issues in order to find and repair refrigerant leaks or replace outdated refrigerant.


Sensor Problems

Newer AC models come loaded with features that can make your life easier; but that also means they have more parts and functions that could break down over time. Parts like sensors relay specific information to the system, helping your AC unit to function the way it should. Problems with one or more of the sensors can affect your unit’s ability to cool your property.

Thermostat Issues

Thermostats control the indoor temperature. They dictate and detect how cool or warm your indoor space can be. When faulty, your AC may fail to cool your indoor space appropriately. We can investigate this problem and replace faulty thermostats as needed.

Drainage Problems

Your air conditioning unit creates condensate that needs to be adequately drained from the system. Failed drainage can create moisture problems that can affect your AC’s performance and health. We can help.

AC Not Turning On

Contact Highway HVAC Repair Los Angeles Services if your AC has suddenly failed to come on. Our technicians are familiar with this problem and will diagnose it to get to the bottom of things. Some of the common causes of this problem include;


Electrical Control Failure

Your AC may not come on due to compressor and fan control failures or due to wear and tear of these parts.
air-conditioning (3)

Thermostat Failure

Thermostats may fail due to a variety of reasons. We can replace faulty thermostats for you with HVAC Los Angeles Services.

Other causes of AC not turning on include;

  • Dirty condensers
  • Lack of power
  • Wiring problems
  • Faulty motor

Contact Highway HVAC Services & Remodeling Group to diagnose and fix these problems. We respond quickly and fix the problem faster. 

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Limited Airflow

Are you experiencing limited airflow from your AC unit? Get in touch with Highway HVAC Services & Remodeling Group today! We can trace the cause of the problem to common issues like;

Ductwork issues

Any problem with your ductwork can affect airflow and bounce back on your HVAC Repair Los Angeles unit. We will check for disconnects, clogs, leaks, or gaps in your ductwork. Our technicians will also fix the problem.

Other problems causing limited airflow include;

  • Thermostat problems
  • Oversized AC
  • Faulty blowers
  • Obstructed condenser
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